About Us

ELITE Interpreters, Translators & Teachers (ELITE ITT) is both a Language Service Provider and a Language Academy. As such, ELITE ITT's specialization is two-fold: providing interpreting, translating, transcribing, transcript checking, subtitling, voice-over, consultation and expert witness services as well as teaching Interpreting and Translation in English and Vietnamese, both directions, and languages, namely English and Vietnamese, for the NAATI CCL, Interpreting and Translation tests, for the TOEFL iBT, IELTS, PTE Academic, OET and CAE tests as well as for professional development purposes.

A trusted name in Interpreting, Translation and Teaching, ELITE ITT is THE FIRST and THE ONLY to

Privatize court interpreting

Provide private, elite interpreting services for court, legal, medical and other professional purposes

Put the choice of interpreters and translators in language service users' hands

• Apply state-of-the-art technology to all of our face-to-face court interpreting performances in order to comply with health and safety measures without interrupting the court proceedings

• Deliver higher education standard teaching in Interpreting and Translation in English and Vietnamese, both directions, to the general public at a fraction of the cost of university tuition

• Teach Interpreting, Translation, English and Vietnamese using our innovative methods

• Conduct and disseminate research whilst in the private sector

• Provide quality Vietnamese Language and Culture programs, using our new approach, for government departments

• And more.

As regards interpreting and translation, nothing could be further from the truth than the assumption that all interpreters (who work with spoken language) / translators (who work with written language) are the same. There is a significant difference in quality between a so-so interpreter's / translator's and a good one's performance.

At ELITE ITT, we pride ourselves on our technically and artistically advanced interpreting and translating skills. We provide top-notch Vietnamese interpreting and translating services in Australia and worldwide. With our combination of academic qualifications, practical experience, professionalism and expertise, we will most effectively help you overcome any barriers to cross-linguistic and cross-cultural communication.

With reference to teaching, it goes without saying that a good teacher is hard to find. Simply being a NAATI interpreter / translator does not make one a good teacher of Interpreting / Translation. Good teaching requires a high level of formal education, a lot of practical experience, talent, etc. Reality is that most interpreters or translators, who are usually not both, are not qualified to teach while most teachers are not qualified to both interpret and translate, not to mention be good at them.

As this combination is rare, we are confident that when it comes to teaching Interpreting and Translation in English and Vietnamese, both directions, for the NAATI Interpreting, Translation and CCL tests as well as for professional development purposes, we do not compete. We dominate. We also have every confidence in our effective English and Vietnamese language teaching and training for English tests including but not limited to the TOELF iBT, IELTS, PTE Academic, OET, CAE tests, and for other professional pursuits respectively.

It is said that specialization usually does not occur until PhD level. Let us introduce you to the Founder of ELITE ITT, who created it to meet the lasting demand for good interpreters, translators and teachers.