Phone and Video Interpreting

We provide quality Phone Interpreting and Video Interpreting services in all areas of expertise both locally and internationally. Our phone and audio visual link (AVL) interpreting expertise, our good customer service as well as our client satisfaction have been some of our trademarks.

For a fraction of the onsite interpreter booking costs, which are already reasonable at ELITE ITT, clients can access our quality Phone and Video Interpreting services from anywhere in the world. Contact us before your next phone or AVL conference, and rest assured that you will have the most productive one possible.

Why choose ELITE ITT
for all your (English and Vietnamese) Phone and Video Interpreting needs?

In the digital world nowadays, communication is borderless. Wherever you are, connect to us and your ideas or messages will be made pleasantly comprehensible to your English / Vietnamese business partners, clients, etc. Our Australian clients have appreciated and complimented a lot on our helping them achieve good deals with their Vietnamese business partners.

Moreover, whenever you encounter any unforeseen language barrier no matter how big or small at work or overseas, you can always count on us. Simply give us a call. We will gladly assist you.

Backed by dozens of years of experience in phone and AVL interpreting in the United States and Australia, ELITE ITT's teleconference and AVL conference interpreting quality is certain. We always strive to provide the best phone and video interpreting services across disciplines nationwide and worldwide, on which we have received a lot of positive customer feedback.