Expert Witness Specialization

One of ELITE ITT’s best evaluated specializations is providing Audio Transcription, Expert Witness reports and evidence in court on English and Vietnamese Interpreting as well as Translation, Vietnamese language and culture, etc. We always aim to produce the most competent and reliable transcripts, expert witness reports and evidence while being cost effective.

Based in Sydney, we accept briefs from lawyers and law firms Australia wide and worldwide.

Audio Transcription
  • Transcribing intercepted calls
  • Checking transcripts of recorded interviews and of intercepted calls
Expert Witness Services
  • Writing expert witness reports
  • Giving expert witness evidence in court as a defense expert witness

Why choose ELITE ITT to be your Expert Witness?

Having been formally trained in English (Applied Linguistics) for her MA from University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA, and in Applied Linguistics for her PhD from the University of Melbourne, Dr Giao Quynh Tran (Dr Grace Tran) - Principal of ELITE ITT - has academic knowledge of this field, which includes Interpreting and Translation. More importantly, she has twenty-seven years of international experience in interpreting and translating in Vietnam, the United States and Australia including the last nineteen years of practical, frequent experience in legal interpreting in general and in court interpreting in particular. She has written elaborate expert witness reports and has appeared a number of times as a defense expert witness in the District Court of New South Wales in Sydney.

In ELITE ITT’s Defense Expert Witness capacity, we inadvertently provide safeguards for interpreting and translation quality, especially in police interviews and transcripts. Moreover, our qualifications and expertise ensure the strength of our expert witness reports and our expert evidence. Our reports are thoroughly prepared, and our evidence well-grounded, with a view to withstanding cross-examination.