Legal Interpreting

ELITE ITT is the first and the only Provider of Private Elite Interpreters and Translators to Courts in Australia. Our Court Interpreting has been highly evaluated and sought by both the Defense and the Prosecution for trials, hearings, sentencing, examination-in-chief and cross-examination. Moreover, based on our new approach, we pioneer the use of state-of-the-art technology in all of our court interpreting performances to comply with health and safety measures without interrupting the court proceedings.

Our aim is to always offer the highest-quality legal interpreting, translating, transcribing, transcript checking and expert witness services as well as to be lawyers’ best companion in and out of court. We provide local, regional, interstate and international services.

Why choose ELITE ITT
for all your (Vietnamese and English) Legal Interpreting and Translating needs?

When working with non-English speaking clients in legal processes, it is essential to secure the service of the best interpreter in the respective language because everything you have to build your case upon comes from the interpreter. A good interpreter gives you accuracy, which is to your advantage, whereas a bad interpreter can destroy your case. Unfortunately, when you have free interpreters provided by courts, you do not get to choose them. Even if you do, the best one does not work for agencies affiliated with courts.

Bear in mind that top interpreters in each language are usually neither old ones nor newbies. Good interpreting requires accuracy, speed, concentration, short term memory, stamina, etc. All of these qualities deteriorate with age. Young ones, or newly certified ones at any age, however, lack experience, which matters in any profession. We are certainly not among newbies. Nor are we among old ones who may be losing out on what it takes to be good at this job. Given the aforementioned qualities required for good interpreting, this is not a profession for retirees or novices.

Our Principal Interpreter and Translator - Dr Giao (Grace) Quynh Tran - has decades of experience in interpreting and translation, particularly in court interpreting. She has regularly interpreted in various Local Courts in NSW, the District Courts of NSW in Sydney and Parramatta, Supreme Courts, Federal Court, Family Court, Children's Courts in Parramatta and Glebe, Administrative Appeals Tribunal including Migration and Refugee Division, NSW Police, AFP, etc.; and previously in Magistrates' Courts, the County Court of VIC, Supreme Court, Federal Court, Migration Review Tribunal, Refugee Review Tribunal, VIC Police, AFP, etc. in Melbourne. Legal professionals whom she has worked with have unanimously complimented her on her accuracy in Court / Legal Interpreting. Moreover, Dr Tran has provided numerous accurate translations of legal documents. Being an active researcher in Legal Interpreting, she also received great feedback for her AUSIT Court Interpreting workshop as well as for her article on Court Interpreting in the Australian Law Society Journal before giving a presentation on Legal Interpreting by invitation on Bench TV.

At ELITE ITT, we dedicate ourselves to providing barristers and solicitors with the best interpreting services in court proceedings, legal conferences, jail visits, psychological and medical assessments, etc.; second-to-none legal document translating services as well as creditable transcript checking and expert witness services at reasonable prices.