Vietnamese Teaching

ELITE ITT specializes in teaching Vietnamese at all levels for various purposes, especially but not limited to English speakers. We have considerable expertise in teaching Vietnamese language and culture to government department staff and in teaching Professional Vietnamese to practitioners in different fields.

Dr Giao Quynh Tran is the Principal Teacher in ELITE ITT's Professional Vietnamese courses, which she designs and delivers. Among our best Vietnamese courses are “Vietnamese for the Army”, “Vietnamese for Diplomats”, “Legal Vietnamese”, “Medical Vietnamese”, “Business Vietnamese”, “Vietnamese for Bankers”, etc. In addition, our team of qualified native Vietnamese speaking teaching assistants are experienced in teaching Vietnamese at different levels.

Especially at ELITE ITT, we have Junior Vietnamese courses for children. Our Junior Vietnamese courses are designed by Dr Tran to appeal to learners at a young age and are mainly taught by our teaching assistants. Moreover, only those who are highly qualified and experienced in language teaching deliver lessons in our program called “Connecting You with Native Speakers around the World” for online adult learners of Vietnamese. Last but not least, our tuition fees are reasonable without exception.

Vietnamese Language Courses
  • Communicative
  • Academic
  • Professional
  • Junior
  • “Connecting You with Native Speakers around the World”
Class Types
  • Face-to-face
  • Online
  • Group
  • One-on-one