Standard Interpreting and Translation Teaching

If you are in Australia, you will find ELITE ITT’s Standard Interpreting and Translation courses very helpful to you for your NAATI Interpreting and Translation test preparation and for your interpreting and translating career. Those in Sydney have the options of studying face-to-face and online.

If you are not in Australia, you do not need to take the NAATI tests to start a career in interpreting and translation. Nor do you need to complete any NAATI endorsed course, still less a degree program. Depending on the relevant policy where you are, you may only need to prove your interpreting and translating skills in tests or interviews by recruiters; no more, no less. These skills are what we teach in our Standard Interpreting and Translation courses at ELITE ITT. Having helped our online students achieve desirable learning outcomes, we are confident we can deliver quality and effective lessons to you wherever you are.

Being strong academically and having extensive hands-on experience in interpreting and translating, we dominate the teaching of Standard Interpreting and Translation in English and Vietnamese, both directions. In addition to ELITE ITT’s Standard Interpreting and Translation courses, which are written and taught by our Principal Teacher - Dr Giao Quynh Tran, we offer our automated classes, which are designed by her and administered by ELITE ITT’s staff. Moreover, our tuition fees are reasonable at all times.

Interpreting Courses Categorized by Subjects
  • Legal Interpreting
  • Medical Interpreting
  • General Interpreting
Interpreting Courses Categorized by Modes
  • Standard Dialogue Interpreting
  • Standard Sight Translation/Interpreting
  • Standard Consecutive Interpreting
  • Standard Simultaneous Interpreting
Translation Courses Categorized by Subjects
  • Legal Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • General Translation
Class Types
  • Face-to-face
  • Online
  • Group
  • One-on-one
  • Automated